The Church is overseen by a group of Elders. The Elders are selected by a process that involves identification of those who meet the Biblical qualifications for this role, scrutiny by the existing Elders, and input from the congregation as to character and suitability. Final approval and appointment is by the Elders. The number and terms of service of Elders is determined by the Elders group in consideration of the health and needs of the church at any given time. The Elders hold to the New Testament view of the priesthood of all believers and therefore, put emphasis on leadership development and opportunities for all in the congregation to exercise their gifts appropriately (equipping the people for works of service).

The Elders may delegate responsibility to subsidiary boards or committees for activities relating to finances, property, legal etc..

An annual congregational meeting is held in accordance with Government requirements in order to report on activities and finances. Its goal is to inform in a way that leads to praise and thanksgiving to God.

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