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Anyone who has desperately sat in a hotel lonely and aching while the TV screen transmits blue rays that offers a distraction but no comfort will testify that a Gideon’s Bible holds a quiet allure and as they turn to the first page, because that is where everyone starts to read a book right? They read, In the beginning God…

Why does this book, these sacred words that we esteem so highly start with IN the beginning? Is it a set up like the books we read children? Once upon a time... The key is in the IN. When you are in the beginning you are right there – God was in the beginning. He wasn’t at the beginning or near the beginning or observing the beginning he was in it. Without Him, there was no beginning.

Regardless of whether you are young earth, literal six days creationist, or an old earth believer or any other iteration the reality remains In the beginning… At that point – scientists call it the point of singularity – God was completely present.

Have you noticed how Christians discuss Creation? Some are of the shoulder shrugging brigade who are not concerned either way, others are ardent zealots like Saul was and ready to throw others into a virtual prison for not being of the same thought as them, and of course there are those who find themselves somewhere in between those two poles of the continuum. The important thing is not to get so bent out of shape on what we read and interpret given our post-modern/ post enlightenment framework – the important thing is to recognise that God is in the beginning working to create.

And, as we journey through life we need to consistently recognise that God is in our new beginnings as well. This is the metanarrative of Scripture. We read again and again of new beginnings, transformations and second starts. This is where God is, this is what God is in.

Let’s be a people of new beginnings, giving others new starts and offering grace and forgiveness to others.

Then we join with God in the new beginning.

If you are afraid to confront where you have been or you can’t forgive or forget what you have done or been know this God is in the beginning and offers all of creation a brand new start through His son who told us ‘It is finished’. It was finished on the cross so that the world could experience a new beginning. Trust Him and tell Him your most desperate thoughts, be released from the bondage of sin and breathe in the beginning.

In His grace,

28 May 2020

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