Youth Ministries

RSC is strongly commited to including its youth.

RSC aims to ensure the youth see the relevance of God in their lives but also to grow in becoming leaders and promoters of the faith we hold so dear.

Jesus really did this well - Discipleship. You can call it by whatever name fits today's context: be it 'mentoring', 'coaching', or 'leadership development', the result should be the same. It's a process of taking people one step further in their journey of faith, from whatever stage you find them in. It's a process of investing in the lives of others in order to allow God to bring an increase.

Our Vision: To create a sense of cohesion between the various Children's & Youth ministries that ultimately produces, in our kids, real spiritual development and healthy, well-rounded, hearts and lives.

Kidz Club

At Rutland Street Church the provision of a children's ministry catering for children from 3 years of age through to school year six. Kidz Club generally leaves the main Sunday morning church service at about 10:30am and returns at the end. We start our morning with a short time of worship followed by a brief message and prayer before children disperse to their individual class for various activities. The aim is to provide an exciting, fun environment in which to encourage our young ones to learn and understand more about God and what He desires for their lives.

mainly music

mainly music is a music and movement group for preschoolers and their parents/care givers. It's about childern and their parents enjoying music, rhyme, dancing, singing and more, doing this together so they can build great memories and share special times. The weekly session occurs on Wednesday mornings' during term time, followed by morning tea where children are able to play with others and adults have the opportunity to meet together, chat, and catch up. Twice a term special theme days provide children an opportunity to mix during Family days, Fish 'n' Chip Nights, Pamper Nights for mums, etc...


The Rally movement started in 1931 in New Market, Auckland and has developed into a club for boys and girls. Rally has spread throughout New Zealand and other parts of the world. Rally aims include building strong Christian character, increasing knowledge and understanding while developing physical fitness, confidence and team co-operation. Rally is aged for boys and girls aged 7 to 12 years. A Rally night includes a mix of parade, games, hobbies, badges, Bible lessons and supper. There is a uniform and it is expected that children do wear it each Really night. Rally is held during the school term on Monday nights 6:30pm-8:30pm


Caters for both boys and girls in school years 7,8 & 9. Held during each term on Friday evening between 7-8:30pm in the Rutland Street Youth Hall. STAND exists to provide an environment that demonstrates God's love and advocates the ongoing journey of a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

   The currently published activities for Stand are:

DateEventWhereStart Time


Meets weekly to chat about what it looks like to be a Christian and still be you. We hang out together and discuss God's Word in ways that can be applied to everyday life at school, on the sports field, with mates and at home with family. Saturday nights we also get together to either hang out or go out. The leaders desire to see youth growing in Christ and living out their faith, seeing Christianity as an exciting journey. The currently published activities for YROC are:

DateEventWhereStart TimeCost
21-Aug-19YROC RSC Studio House7:15-9:15pm
28-Aug-19YROC RSC Studio House7:15-9:15pm
4-Sep-19YROC RSC Studio House7:15-9:15pm
11-Sep-19YROC RSC Studio House7:15-9:15pm
18-Sep-19YROC RSC Studio House7:15-9:15pm
25-Sep-19YROC RSC Studio House7:15-9:15pm
16-Oct-19YROC RSC Studio House7:15-9:15pm
23-Oct-19YROC RSC Studio House7:15-9:15pm
30-Oct-19YROC RSC Studio House7:15-9:15pm
6-Nov-19YROC RSC Studio House7:15-9:15pm
20-Nov-19YROC RSC Studio House7:15-9:15pm
27-Nov-19YROC RSC Studio House7:15-9:15pm
4-Dec-19YROC RSC Studio House7:15-9:15pm
11-Dec-19YROC RSC Studio House7:15-9:15pm


Fuse is a weekly bible study and games night for young adults run on Sunday nights at 7pm. Fuse aims to increase the fellowship of the young adults at RSC and to deepen their relationship with Christ and the Bible as they consider the harder questions against the faith and discuss the answers together. In addition Fuse has regular social nights full of fun and laughter.

DateEventWhereStart Time