Upcoming Sermon Topics

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DateSermon TitleBible PassageSpeaker
24-Feb-19I'm Starting With The Man In The MirrorJames1:19-27Warren Frost
3-Mar-19Mercy Or JudgmentJames 2:1-13Guy Gillespie
10-Mar-19A Faith That WorksJames 2:14-26Ray Ingle
17-Mar-19Taming The TongueJames 3:1-12Dan Gillespie
24-Mar-19Peacemakers & Rabble-rousersJames 3:13-4:12Brett McGirr
31-Mar-19Living Day By Day For EternityJames 4:13-5:12Warren Frost
7-Apr-19Faithful PrayerJames 5:13-20Wilfred Badger
14-Apr-19What Can We Learn About God From GenesisGenesisRay Ingle
21-Apr-19If God Is Our Creator What Are The ImplicationsGenesisNathan Rich
28-Apr-19Is There Such A Thing As Original Sin?GenesisPaul Busby
5-May-19Christians Against PovertyEphesians 6Ben & Aimee Mai
12-May-19Why Did Cain Murder Abel?GenesisAndrew Sinclair
19-May-19Why Did God Flood The Earth?GenesisLincoln Rout
26-May-19TransgenderismGenesisRodney Lake