Rutland Street Church is not a member of any denomination nor is it under the authority of any established religious authority. However, it does align itself with similar movements and congregations who hold and own similar basic values, embracing fellowship with other groups when working together to reach people for Christ and establish them in places that hold to Christ being the Lord of the Church.

Rutland Street Church does not have a system of church membership for those who attend; we welcome all who know Christ or who are investigating Christianity as a way of life. The Church does hold to the view that those who follow Christ will want to join with others in allegiance to a style of worship and ministry. This would place them in a position where they might be determined as being in fellowship at Rutland Street Church.

Evidence of this would include an understanding of, or a desire to learn Biblical teaching on subjects such as:

If you wish to formalise your membership, please contact an Elder. An Elder would love to sit down and discuss this with you and support you in your growth as a Christian. Regular "New Peoples' Lunches" are held to provide an opportunity to hear our history and to listen to our hearts while providing an informal way to meet the leadership team.